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Health, vitality and well-being are important elements for an unconcerned and good life. Pure products directly from Mother Nature are important to this path and the PureWelt website offers you this.

PureWelt has specialized in products for allergy sufferers, but the website is just as well for all those that want to live healthy and pure without harmful chemicals in the body.

For allergy sufferers, shopping is often problematic and difficult. At PureWelt, we make shopping easy and safe, thanks to allergy advices, 100% exact labels and the allergy and tolerance filter for productsearch. The delivery service, expert advices and a guaranteed return of your goods make it even easier.

Our product philosophy

We are specialists in pure products and the selection criteria for our products are uncompromising. Our products are selected and tested according to very strict criteria:

1) Purity

We do not use fillers, excipients, flavors, sweeteners, preservatives, chemicals and additives in our products. Only in microvitamins and microminerals, we use rice flour or hypoallergenic cellulose as a filler. Our products are especially adapted to the needs of allergy sufferers.

2) Full-label disclosure

We always guarantee the complete disclosure of the label and we disclose every ingredient along with its dosage. Trust plays a huge role in purchasing and you can be sure that all products have been thoroughly tested according to strict criteria.

3) Raw

Always as raw as possible. We only sell products without preservatives, chemicals and artificial ingredients. Our bodies are built for unprocessed products and food without artificial ingredients. It is the safe way to health and vitality.

Our company

From these criteria, we choose our products among the best producers of pure products in the world. It's products of the highest quality with high contents of active ingredients to ensure, that those who have a low uptake from their digestive system, get enough nutrients. The products have been designed specifically for hypersensitive patients. Our products are produced in Europe and USA and have been approved by the relevant authorities. From Germany, the products are then sent to our customers in the rest of Europe.

In addition to the product catalog, the company PureWelt also offers an information portal on the internet with information and products for Candida patients and relatives at

Some of the employees at PureWelt suffer from allergies and all products in our webshop, we have tested on ourselves and afterwards approved as being suitable. This saves you time and resources on testing them. Living a healthy lifestyle starts with eating right and pure, good luck with it. 

Yours sincerely

Torben Soe

Managing Director

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