Shipping and Payment Methods accepts Credit card, PayPal, SEPA direct debit, Kauf auf Rechnung. These paymentsolutions are all PayPal services and you do not need a PayPal account to use these paymentsolutions. We also offer our own payment solution VORKASSE. If you buy with VORKASSE, you will receive the invoice as an e-mail immediately after the purchase and you must then make a banktransfer (IBAN) on the amount to our bankaccount, before the package can be sent.


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DHL GoGreen uses DHL to ship your order and all packages are shipped with DHL GoGreen. GoGreen is a DHL, worldwide environmental protection programm and it's main objective is to reduce and avoid the emission of greenhouse gasses and local air pollutants. This means that every package and parcel that private customers receive with DHL GoGreen is already automatically sent CO2-neutral. The emissions generated during shipping are offset by certified climate projects.

Country / Shippingprice (€) / Free shipping from (€)

Albania 18.95 € / 150 €

Austria 6.95 € / 80 €

Bosnia and Herzegovina 18.95 € / 150 (€)

Belgium 6.95 € / 80 €

Bulgaria 7.95 € / 80 €

Canada 9.95 € / 150 €

Croatia 6.95 € / 80 €

Cyprus 18.95 € / 150 €

Czechia 6.95 € / 80 €

Denmark 4.95 € / 60 €

Estonia 6.95 € / 80 €

Finland 8.95 € / 80 €

France 6.95 € / 80 €

Germany 4.5 € / 50 €

Greece 8.95 € / 80 €

Hungary 6.95 € / 80 €

Iceland 8.95 € / 100 €

Ireland 8.95 € / 80 €

Italy 6.95 € / 80 €

Liechtenstein 18.95 € / 150 €

Lithuania 6.95 € / 80 €

Luxembourg 6.95 € / 80 €

Latvia 6.95 € / 80 €

Malta 11.95 € / 120 €

Monaco 8.95 € / 80 €

Moldova 18.95 € / 150 €

Montenegro 18.95 € / 150 €

North Macedonia 18.95 € / 150 €

Netherlands 5.95 € / 80 €

Norway 8.95 € / 100 €

Poland 6.95 € / 80 €

Portugal 8.95 € / 80 €

Romania 6.95 € / 80 €

Serbia 18.95 € / 150 €

Spain 6.95 € / 80 €

Sweden 6.95 € / 80 €

Slovakia 6.95 € / 80 €

Slovenia 6.95 € / 70 €

Switzerland 9.95 € / 120 €

Turkey 12.95 € / 150 €

Ukraine 18.95 € / 150 €

United Kingdom 6.95 € / 80 €

United States 9,95 € / 150 €

Shipping countries
We can generally ship to all countries in the world. If your country is not included in the drop-down menu in the Check-our, then write to us and you will receive an offer on shipping to your address in your country.


Buying from outside EU

United Kingdom

Amount limit £0-£135: No customs or UK-VAT is paid by the customer. The Seller, Purewlt ApS, pays VAT directly to the UK tax authority. The seller Purewelt ApS is EORI registered in the United Kingdom. Recipient will not be charged additional UK VAT or duty on orders from £0-£135. Amount limit >£135: Vat and customs apply and can be charged at the Border to the customer


The seller Purewelt ApS is VOEC registered in Norway. Because Purewelt ApS is VOEC registered in Norway, no customs fee will be charged on the buyer and no additional VAT, than what is stated in the order. As sender of consignments, Purewelt ApS, only pay VAT on the value of the goods imported into Norway.


Shipments with a value of less than 62 CHF for personal use may be entered and released duty-free. Shipments with a value over 62 CHF can be subject to customs, duties and taxes in accordance with the price of the shipment.


Shipments with a value of less than USD 200 for personal use may be entered and released duty-free in the USA. Shipments with a value over $200 can be subject to customs duties and taxes in accordance with the price of the shipment.

Other countries

Please check with your country's customs office for what the tax-free limits are for importing goods form the European Union (EU). VAT and customs the rules in your country. For information about VAT, customs, import, duties, etc you can also visit your country's official Tax-website.


Orders by email or telephone

If you want to place your order by email or phone, you should note the following:

Order by phone

We are happy to receive your order by phone during our business hours on +49 15 25 90 92 319.

To order by phone, we need the following information to ensure smooth processing:
- Surname
- E-mail address
- Delivery address
- Article name - and number

You will receive the invoice by email with our bank details and then make an account transfer with IBAN / BIC.

Order by Email

To order by email at or contact, we need the following information in order to ensure smooth processing:
- Surname
- E-mail address
- Delivery address
- Article name - and number

You will receive the invoice by email with our bank details and then make an account transfer with IBAN / BIC.


Items should arrive within 2-5 business days from your order.

Customs Information
International orders may be subject to import duties and taxes, which are levied once the package reaches the destination country. Additional charges for customs clearance are the customer's responsibility; we have no control over these charges and cannot predict what they may be.
Customs policies vary from country to country; contact your local customs office for further information. The customer is considered the importer of record and must comply with all laws and regulations of the country in which the goods are received. The Candida Store will not be held liable for packages refused or held by customs for delivery.


What if one of my items in my order is out of stock?
In the unlikely event that an item (or items) that you ordered from us is temporarily unavailable due to a supply shortage, you will be automatically billed at the time you place the order. This is an unfortunate limitation of electronic internet billing. If you supply us with your e-mail address when you place the order, we can inform you concerning the estimated time of shipping of your back-ordered item (or items). The remainder of your order can be held up to five days to await the missing item. If the item is not received at our warehouse within 5 days the remainder will be send to you. The back-ordered item will afterwards be send to you. If the back-ordered item or items are still not available 14 days after you placed the order, we will inform you via email and credit your account.


What's your Returns Policy?
If you would like to return a product that you have bought from, please be aware of the following:
- The product must be unused and undamaged
- You must contact us within 14 business days of receiving the product
Once you have contacted us, and assuming that the above criteria are met, we will provide you details of how to return the product to our warehouse. This will be at your expense, and we would recommend the use of a tracking number to ensure that the product arrives safely at the warehouse. When the product arrives, we will contact you. If the product is in good condition, unused and you contacted us within 5 business days of receiving it, we will issue a refund for the value of the goods that you purchased. We will endeavor to process this refund within 30 days of receiving the returned products. Please also see our Terms of Sale. If your package is damaged in transit, please bring this to the attention of your delivery agent and save all packaging material, and then contact purewelt at


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